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Getting to know you and your family allows us to match you with the right home. The type of care, the social environment, and your finances are all factors in finding your best home.


We will select properties that we have personally visited and qualified to provide the specific care that you deserve.


A personally guided tour of each referred facility will allow you to see the various pros and cons and make a fully informed decision.


We will follow-up with you and your family at pre-determined intervals to ensure that the transition has been smooth and that the care provided is meeting our standards. We will also personally visit your family member any time that we are visiting that facility.

Follow Up

What To Expect

placement process

Facility Tours

Formal Appointment


Initial Contact

Recommendation of Facilities

Facility Chosen

Post-move: Follow-up

Typical Timeline

Same Day

2-5 Days

3-5 Days

5-7 Days

3-5 Days

3 Weeks

1,2, & 4 Weeks


Comprehensive tour of each facility

Meeting with all interested family members to discuss scenario.

Mutually agreeable move-in date selected

Introductory phone call lasting 30-60 minutes to explain process.

List of all appropriate facilities recommended

Specific facility is chosen by the family**

Follow-up to ensure a successful transition

My Responsbility

Provide schedule availability

Follow-up notes to all participants

Typically 3-5, but sometimes less based on needs

Coordinate times with the facilities to be toured

Coordinate Assessements if needed

Arrange specific move-in date and planned approach

Proactive reach-out to family to ensure suitability

Your Responsibility

Choose the most appropriate facility, if any

Sign contract and complete input form

Make moving arrangements

Coordinate Family Schedule

Choose which, if any, facilities to tour

Make Deposit* and complete facility paperwork

Communicate on any issues related to the facility

* Deposit and financial arrangements with the facility, including negotiated rates, are not the responsibility of SHAS. Advice and direction may be given, but SHAS is not responsible for any financial negotiation or term changes.

** In the unlikely scenario that the family does not like the options presented, SHAS will bring other options to the table for consideration. Sometimes, a facility assessment will create a scenario where the facility will not accept your loved one. In the rare case, SHAS will work with you to find a suitable alternative. 

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