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Happy Mother's Day To All

Whether you have four-legged children, you are the best auntie who plays a mom on the weekend so your sis can get a break (bless you my child), or you have children you are legally responsible for keeping safe, we see you. Mother’s Day should be widely celebrated as a day to honor extraordinary, beautiful ladies that bring a sense of grace and love into our lives. People who teach us lessons, light the way, lend an ear or a leg up. The ones we laugh with, cry with and solve problems deep in the trenches with. These are some of the people who come to mind when I think of Mother’s Day. I am blessed to have my mother living and with whom I have a healthy relationship and can connect. But all these other people who have made a difference in my life, and my children’s lives, do come in at a close second. These strength finders, people who would lend a hand or drop everything should you need a shoulder, deserve a huge thank you. This is where the meaning of love and mothers really lay. I guarantee, that when I share the list of what qualifies as a true motherly figure, you have a list you can name. If you are so blessed, don’t forget to ecard, text, call, or carrier pigeon a message to them, it will make their day.

This Mother’s Day, consider doing something you haven’t done in a while, maybe a favorite place that brings back fun childhood memories. Start a group chat and challenge each other to find a unique place to visit or collective activity to share. My family and I are heading to NW Trek. We fully anticipate a chance of rain, but we’re all happy to wear a rain jacket if it means being together.

For those needing a spark to the imagination, here are some gift ideas for Mom's special day:

  • “You are only old once” Book by Dr Suess. A book for obsolete children 😊

  • “Mom & Me and Mom” Book by Maya Angelou

  • “The 36 Hour Day” by Nancy L Mace and Peter V Rabins ( for good for caregivers in the family)

  • Weighted blanket helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep

  • Emollient lotion made of organic ingredients

  • Jewelry that shares memory care alert but is fun

Springtime is often when people everywhere start to engage. The sun begins to peek out from behind the clouds, days are longer, and all are excited to visit and make plans. This can be a sensitive time for many who lost mothers, sisters, and bonus moms to the pandemic. My heart breaks for them during this season. Having to say the words “I lost my mom” can bring about such grief. Celebrations and gatherings can trigger tragedy. Reach out to a friend who lost their loved one in the last year, or maybe to someone who is currently watching them fight a battle they may not win. Consider a phone call or handwritten note to show you care, and that they matter to you. People don’t want to feel like a burden or downer for sharing their loss or grief. If I were in their shoes, I would probably be that person who doesn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable about my loss or sadness on a joyful day.

If you’re struggling with any upcoming Hallmark holidays due to loss or strained relationships, here are a few good schools of thought:

  • Talk about your loved one. Don’t hide your thoughts due to grief.

  • Give yourself grace. You are loved for who you are in the eyes of those who matter.

  • Consider staying off social media for the day. Pictures and events can trigger hurt, sadness, or fear.

  • Don’t hold yourself to traditions. There are no rules. If you aren’t up for it, don’t do it. Everyone will understand.

  • Consider reaching out to someone else you know who shares a similar story. You feel less alone and more understood. If you don’t know anyone, pop on to an online support group to start your day. A forum will have a whole community of people juggling feelings and expectations. You could find a source of strength.

  • Embrace the season of learning and healing. Be kind to yourself and remember it’s okay not to be okay.'

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