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Collect Your Life Stories in Captured Moments

Updated: Jan 24

Capturing time, while life as we know it exists, is a gift to our future self - A. Sage

April Sage with her four generations of family smiling in a out dated photo

I recently hung a picture of my family. It was circa 1997 and included my maternal grandparents, mom, sister, and me. I have not kept it front and center for many years as it is very dated and holiday-focused, though there are tulips in the background. And wow, THE HAIR. I mean, WOW! I was running out the door to get the kids to school when the picture caught my eye and gave me pause. Throughout the rest of the day, the photo captured my thoughts.

That picture came about because the mall where I was working had posted an ad for portraits. It boasted a beautifully framed 24” x 24” portrait and multiple other shots for the low price of something I should not have afforded. Not at the age of 19 and living on my own. Even today, my heartstrings are easily swayed, so I am not surprised my sentimental side splurged. I don’t recall having seen professional photos of my grandparents. I wanted to give all seven of my grandparents’ children an opportunity to have a formal picture of the whole family with grandma and grandpa. I bought the package. What a special feeling it gave me to capture a moment in time for my family.

The photo draws me back to those moments in time. Grandpa was doing well after his stroke and making the best of his new PT-focused lifestyle. We were all thankful he was still with us. A couple of months after the photo shoot, I moved out of state for work and was gone for several years. By the time I moved back home, my grandpa had passed, just a few weeks before I returned home. This picture makes me incredibly thankful for the time I had with him.

When I bought the photo package, I had no comprehension, emotionally or mentally, of what this picture would mean to me someday. While the image is somewhat dark and outdated in a plethora of ways, I am grateful for capturing my grandma’s beautiful smile and the light in my grandpa’s eyes. I still hear their voices when I look into the photo and remember the happiness shared with my mom and sister as we got dressed up for that special day.

I am still in awe this moment came to fruition, and I am grateful I captured my grandparents in the era I remember them best. I challenge you to capture the moments, the era, and the season when you can. Life changes rapidly. The families I meet with regularly are forever changed, often overnight. Time looks different for everyone. Events, goals, and outside noise steal our attention. I encourage everyone to intentionally capture the little moments as a gift for your future self.

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