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Celebrate Change

September is always a time of change, commemorating the end of summer and kids going back to school. This year, I was especially affected by change when I put my daughter on an international flight to work abroad. I was filled with a mix of excitement and anxiety sprinkled with relief. Only one thing was for certain; she was going. Until the point she got on the plane, our days were filled with high-intensity planning, our minds racing with second guesses and proposing “what if” scenarios. The same feelings of uncertainty can be true for families whose loved ones experienced a significant life change and are discovering the need for a transition.

While some families are hesitant to move, others can’t move fast enough. They have their mind made up and understand the benefits of catered living. No matter the level of readiness, there are significant adjustments and trade-offs with any lifestyle change. The new resident should expect a settling-in period that could leave a feeling of imbalance as they create a new routine. They should prepare themselves for the shift from years of living in a single-family residence to an apartment and communal living lifestyle.

The community’s facility management and staff are prepared to help your loved one through this adjustment. Many people who will be part of your loved one’s care team; the executive director, activities director, morning, afternoon, and night care managers, are all looking to form a personal connection and get to know them better. This can be an overwhelming process, but it is essential to take the time to communicate your loved one’s background, needs, and preferences on the extensive “all about me” form. It will make the transition much smoother and enjoyable. It will assist the team with introducing them to other residents with similar interests, engage them in stimulating activities and accompany them on their journey to becoming acclimated to the property.

My daughter’s transition to a new job overseas was a conflict of emotions, but a transition I celebrate because I know it is the best opportunity for her. As families transition loved ones to new living arrangements, a thoughtful and planned transition with me as your coordinator can help you celebrate amidst the conflict of emotions that you will feel. I work with facilities and providers throughout Pierce and Thurston counties and the greater South Puget Sound region. These are personally vetted for type and quality of care. I ensure they are fully compliant with all state and local regulations. Each facility has a unique style and personality. By getting to know you and your family, we work closely to find the facility that is the closest match to the needs of your loved one.

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